In Thunderstar Juggernaut you assume control of the character Lockney, a hired gun tasked with defending the vital supply lines of a galaxy spanning corporate empire.  The discovery of the Thunderstar and it's vast trove of ancient alien wreckage in Sector Alpha 032 has created a corporate gold rush for ancient weapon's technology in what was traditionally a quiet and simple void of space.  Accompanying the growth in high value missions and increased corporate interests in the sector are pirates, rogue military factions, and a plethora of undesirable characters looking for a quick buck.  Thrust into the center a sector set to boil over the factions you choose to support and the moral decisions you make will have lasting consequences, not only for the citizens of the sector but the far reaching interests of the galaxy at large.


Thunderstar Juggernaut has a unique 2.5D perspective that allows the player to see exactly what Lockney would be able to see if they were in his shoes.  Players must approach situations cautiously as it is difficult to see what lurks around the next corner. 

Thunderstar Juggernaut is, at its very heart, a player focused game.  We were tired of games that kept telling us what to do, who we are, and how to play the game.  That's why we turned the source code on its head and gave you, the player, full control over everything you do in our game. We have been hard at work making sure that no mater how you decide to play Thunderstar Juggernaut, it's a fun and responsive experience for you, the player.  

Below you can find more information about how Darktwin Studios is approaching building Thunderstar Juggernaut's weapon system to allow players to build the perfect gun for their play-style.  Make sure to check our blog over the coming weeks or sign up for our newsletter for more information about armor customization, supporting cast relationships, reactive storytelling, and procedural level design.


Weapon Customization