Thunderstar Juggernaut Conversation System:

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In this gif you can see Thunderstar Juggernaut's conversation system in action as the player interacts with Slico Station's director Skern.  Through the decisions the player makes in this section you can see Skern's opinion of the player reduce.  This opinion will spread to other administrative personnel on Slico Station affecting how easy it is for the player to do business on the station and recieve new missions from characters on board the station.


Thunderstar Juggernaut Gear Customization:

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In this gif you can see the core of Thunderstar Juggernaut's gear customization system.  It was important to us that the player could adapt to the given situation as well as build their gear in a way that was most beneficial for their play style.  You can see that the player is having trouble taking out the robotic Redguard guardians and has to switch in a 'split' and 'flame' mod, this creates a flaming tripple shot weapon that he is able to use in order to defeat the guardians.  Thunderstar's exploration and combat relies heavily on this and in the final build players will be able to customize their  weapons, armor, ship, and providing the players with millions of possible combinations to play with.