406 LABS


Having just completed our time in the 406 Labs business accelerator I wanted to take some time to look back and describe what it was like to be a part of this program and offer my thoughts on what game companies have to learn from and contribute to accelerator programs.

406 LABS is a local accelerator program that focuses on helping new businesses grow from an early stage idea and prototype to a fully fleshed out startup with a plan to grow and hopefully have sales.  In addition 406 LABS worked with us, through focused mentoring, to build out our branding, marketing and vet out our overall business strategy.  

Darktwin Studios was one of six ventures which formed 406 Labs' first cohort.  This cohort, which consisted of Dugal Diabetics, Agile Focus Design, The Toothpick Project, Sharelift, and Storysquares, was launched in mid October of 2016.

406 LABS First Cohort of Companies

406 LABS First Cohort of Companies

Waylon Roberts