Making sure your crew is happy and well compensated for the hard work they do is a key aspect of Thunderstar.  As you fight through the galaxy, you must make sure your mercenaries are in their best condition while still running your lean and efficient business.

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Each mercenary you hire will possess different skills and specialties.  Success in Thunderstar depends on building a well-balanced crew that can respond to the many situations you will face.  Through our innovative web portal you can swipe through mercenaries with ease, finding the perfect mercenary for your next space slug extermination outing!  




When not on stress-inducing missions, you can watch as your crew enjoys the plethora or lack of amenities you have provided.  Building suitable living spaces, arcades, gyms and learning sim centers will improve your team's mental health and skills over time.  Or you could just lobotomize your entire crew and watch as their smiles endure into the apocalypse... the choice is yours.